31 Days of Stealing Tesla

The Future for ‘Stealing Tesla’

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A Message to all Those who Voted for Stealing Tesla

As you know by now, Stealing Tesla was not chosen for publication by Kindle Scout. It wasn’t all that unexpected. As I mentioned in my last post, I had an uphill battle because my lack of social media presence (votes do matter in a crowd-sourced campaign).

However, I really do appreciate all of you who did vote for the book. You helped get it into ‘hot and trending’ for a brief time, and I again say thank-you.


We move on.

So what’s the future plans for Stealing Tesla? Well, first of all, I am determined to get it into your hands and I still want to give it to all my voters for free. My gift of appreciation to you.

If you click here: Get Stealing Tesla FREE , I will make sure you get a copy as soon as it becomes available.

Also, as a bonus, I will give you a free, OSS Dossier on Nikola Tesla, that I’ve put together as a companion piece.



Stealing Tesla is going through a few changes before being delivered.

First of all, the book is currently undergoing a cover redesign. And I want to make you a part of the process. I will be loading up two or three designs to choose from and then let you vote for your favorite.

Also, because I so enjoyed the characters of Stealing Tesla, I’ve decided to expand the story a bit by adding a ‘prequel’ and making the book a box set of three separate books (everyone who signs up will get the entire set for free).

I will work like crazy to get the box set ready for you. And I will keep you updated on the progress, both, here on my blog and on Facebook

Until then, keep reading my friends,


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