31 Days of Stealing Tesla

Day 31 of 31 – Kindle Scout Campaign Ends


A Sincere Thank-you

My 30 day campaign for Stealing Tesla has now concluded and I want to want to thank all of you who participated. Several of you were faithful to ‘share’ and ‘like’ my Facebook posts and I’m sure it helped tremendously. Your efforts were appreciated.


Campaign Learning Curve

It has certainly been a learning experience. Kindle Scout is a crowd-sourced campaign, meaning that people have a say in what’s being published, and truthfully, I began the process a bit naïve about how important social media is to promotion.

How unprepared was I? Check it out:


Day 1 of the campaign:

  • Facebook profile friends: 7
  • Facebook fan page followers: 1 (my wife)
  • Facebook Ads knowledge: none
  • Twitter followers: 1 (another author)
  • Blog posts: 0
  • Email list: 0
  • Instagram: no account at all

(For days on end, in the middle of my campaign, I struggled to get an Instagram account up and running but I was continually locked out of the new account that I had created…aarrrgg!)


So as you can see, I was at a big disadvantage coming out of the gate.


Hot and Trending

The goal with Kindle Scout is to make it into ‘Hot and Trending’. Kindle provides personal graphs to show your progress, and it takes a lot of social muscle to get ‘Hot’.  Because I had nearly no social muscle, I quickly had to play catch up by networking with my target group (mystery and thriller readers…and other authors).

I floundered at the beginning, but kept at it even though the results were disappointing. Fortunately, I closed out strong, making it into ‘Hot and Trending’ in the waning days of the campaign.

Was it enough? Hmmm. That’s up to Kindle and Amazon. It’s in their best interests to back the strongest crowd-sourced submissions–and mine certainly wasn’t. But anything can happen. We’ll know in a few days.



Either way, I was glad for the experience. I learned a lot and I’m in a much better position from a social media perspective. I now have 220 Facebook friends and my other demographics have improved tremendously.

If you voted for me, I again say Thank-you, and you will be hearing from Amazon in a couple of days on whether Stealing Tesla was chosen or not. But fear not, I’m dedicated to getting Stealing Tesla into readers hands.

So keep reading people.


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