31 Days of Stealing Tesla

Day 30 of 31 Days – Heroes, Anti-heroes, and Villians

A ‘Buddy Pic’

At the end of the day, Stealing Tesla is what they would call in the movie biz, a ‘buddy picture’—two fish-out-of-water characters brought together by circumstances and their attempt to keep a weapon of mass destruction out of enemy hands.


White Hats, Black Hats, or Gray Fedoras?

Two protagonists drive the story: my anti-hero, The Smoke, and an actual hero, Sergeant Detective J. Patrick Tooke. They begin as fox and hound foes, but ultimately forge a bond out of necessity.

As the story opens, The Smoke is a bitter, angry, thief, who only cares about the heist he has planned. But as the story progresses, we find that underneath his selfish exterior, there is a seed of nobility. He ultimately wants to do the right thing. This seed grows as the story progresses and the definition of good versus evil becomes clearer to him.

Detective Tooke, on the other hand, is a portrait of nobility in full bloom. He’s an honest cop with a keen insight into the human condition. And though he doggedly pursues The Smoke in the beginning, he winds up seeing something worth redeeming in the young thief.


More to Come

I so enjoyed exploring the lives of these two characters, I immediately jumped into two projects that bring them back.

The first is a sequel to Stealing Tesla, called, Stealing the Secret City. It is another espionage tale based on historical facts. This time a deep-cover spy needs to be thwarted from stealing secrets from a top-secret plutonium processing facility that was built during the war.

I am also nearly finished with a prequel mystery featuring The Smoke’s early years. Both should be coming out next year.


One Last Thing

You may have noticed that I’ve only referred to my thief as, The Smoke. Doesn’t he have a real name, you may ask? Of course. But you will have to read Stealing Tesla to find out what it is.

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