31 Days of Stealing Tesla

Day 29 of 31 Days – Setting the Stage


Setting the Stage

Several scenes in Stealing Tesla take place in real locations.


New Yorker Hotel

Stealing Tesla opens at the New Yorker Hotel—in fact, the entire stage for Part 1 takes place there. In its heyday, the New Yorker was a premiere establishment and catered to many celebrities, including Joan Crawford, Mickey Rooney, the Marx Brothers and Benny Goodman.

The Brooklyn Dodgers stayed at the hotel during the 1941 World Series, along with their manager, Leo Durocher. The team makes a brief appearance early in the novel.

Here are some other locations in the book:


Manhattan Warehouse and Storage


This building sat on the corner of 7th Avenue and 53rd Street. It is the actual place where Tesla’s worldly goods were stored–before and after his death.

As often happened with Tesla, he ended up owing back payments for rent on his lockers. A notice was placed in the classifieds announcing that action would be taken to destroy all the contents in the lockers if payment wasn’t paid in full. A treasure of Tesla research could’ve been lost.

In my novel, I use this bit of actual history to seal the fate of a certain character in my story.


Sing Sing Prison

Sing Sing, of course, is the famous prison on the Hudson River in Ossining, New York. A sentence there meant that you were, ‘sent up-river’. Two of my characters end up there, and even my detective pays a visit to the prison.


The Russian Consulate

This building, at 7 and 9 East 91st Street, was owned by the Soviets during the 1940’s. The Soviet characters in my book are based on real people who conducted intelligence gathering operations out of the embassy.



Nikola Tesla’s famous laboratory called, Wardenclyff, was located on Long Island. And though Tesla’s project went bankrupt and the tower was dismantled in 1917, for sake of the story, I resurrect the secret facilities that existed underground.


Each of these historical places play a key role in Stealing Tesla.

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