Stealing Tesla

A noir thriller of espionage

1941–America is on the brink of war. And a thief in Manhattan is about to crack the wrong safe.

The newspapers call him, The Smoke, elusive, vaporous, but he’s accidently stumbled into the hotel suite of Nikola Tesla and inside his safe are designs for a weapon of mass destruction. The Smoke’s mistake will throw him headlong into the world of espionage and murder.

With the outcome of the war in the balance, it becomes a battle against time over who will be successful in Stealing Tesla.


Valor Theft

Discovering secrets can be painful

A man is killed by a subway train In New York City, leaving behind a cloud of mystery.

Minutes later, Gwen Davis, a suburban wife and mother from North Carolina, receives a shocking email. The writer claims that Gwen’s brother–a war hero killed in the first Iraq war–is alive and living in hiding.

Shaken to her core, Gwen begins seeking answers and ends up unraveling a world of lies and deception that uproots her safe suburban life forever. The more she learns, the more she wonders who is left to trust.


Wren Awakes

How do you stop an impending plot if you can’t remember what it is?

A brilliant flash of light creates the ultimate horror, an erased mind. The only clue to his identity is the tattoo of a small bird on his wrist–a wren.

A haunting sense of treachery plagues him. Someone is plotting evil, but he doesn’t know who and he doesn’t know what–he can’t even remember his own name.

The more he uncovers about his past, the more he fears the man he once had been. And he knows that evil needs to be prevented…if he can only remember what it is.



Severed heads and cups of coffee. What fun.

Buster Jenks attracts crack-pots. They come crawling into his coffee shop with bizarre requests, and Buster tends to help them out. But when a woman slams a box down on his counter with a severed head in it, Buster is wonderstruck to say the least. Someone sent it to her in the mail, she claims.

Postal violations aside, she wants Buster to look into the matter.

Bodies pile up, suspects abound, but no fear, Buster Jenks is on the case, and that means heads are going to ro–

Uh, forget that last part.



Where There’s Smoke

A noir mystery featuring The Smoke

It’s 1937 and the thief known as, The Smoke, comes across a bully yelling at a cabbie in the street. Deciding to teach the man a lesson, he picks his pocket. What he discovers inside the wallet alarms him—a strange blueprint written in German.

Before he knows it, The Smoke has uncovered a secret Nazi movement growing in America. He becomes entangled in sabotage and murder and finds himself in a race against time to prevent a terrorist attack on American soil.